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Nitin Shah: A brilliant business mind misunderstood by many

Nitin Shah, when you google the name, you get many articles that talk about scams involving Shimnit Utsch. It’s easy to figure that those written are either mere allegations or vengeance of his competitors who weren’t able to make it big in the HSRP business. Whereas the name of Shimnit India shines in gold for its efficiency, manufacturing capacity, and capabilities. To build Shimnit, it took years and years of effort by Nitin Shah. Everyone knows it all about Shimnit India. The work speaks for the company but many are unaware of the life…

Nitin Shah

From a very young age, Nitin Shah, a Gujarati boy aspired to start his own business and strived to be successful in life. During his childhood, he was raised with traditional morals. He enjoyed watching cricket and football with his family and like his father he wanted a very simple life. He wanted to have a successful career and a sweet family.

Taking his first steps towards his dreams, at the age of 17, in 1977 Nitin shah started his journey of work-life as he joined his father in business. He developed a passion for business because of…

Post the amendment to Rule 50 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rule, 1989, Shimnit India Pvt. Ltd. was formed.

The amendment brought about stringent specifications for registration plates of Motor vehicles keeping in view the need to standardise registration plates and also to incorporate security features which would be deterrent to all vehicle related crimes.

Shimnit India Pvt. Ltd. works in its capacity as the manufacturer of HSRP according to the guidelines set by the ministry of Road Transport and Highways. …

Nitin Shah

Manufacturers of High Security Registration Plates. Website —

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